Overcome depression

It’s like there’s a glass wall between you and everyone else. You’re mostly silent at dinner, at work, and with friends, like no one understands. No one understands the weight you carry with you, the storm that hovers over you.


You find yourself snapping and losing patience more than you used to. Your heart pounds in your chest, your blood boils, sometimes at something small. It’s like your body has had enough.


You get frustrated and blame yourself. You wish you could just “get over it”. It’s hard to imagine things could be different, and you feel hopeless.

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Connor McClenahan, Psy.D
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Depression is more than sadness, it’s emotional isolation

Depression is like a cloud that hovers over you, lowering your energy and desire to connect with others. It can often feel like you are far away from others, that what you’re experiencing can’t be understood or helped by anyone.


Depression can arise when life circumstances overwhelm us and the tools we usually use to cope are inadequate. That’s when people look for look for other tools to help them cope. Some of those tools push us farther away from people and can lead to destructive habits (alcohol, impulsive buying, etc.), but other tools can help us move through and overcome depression. 

We help people just like you. 

We help people overcome depression, isolation, and hopelessness. We help people experience joy, connection, and hope again.


We believe it’s possible for you to experience energy and hope in your daily life. To not be in silence or blame, but to move through sadness and experience purpose in your life.


How it works.

1. Give us a call.

Sometimes the first step is the hardest. It’s hard to reach out for help when you’ve been used to being alone and disappointed. We get it, and we’re here to help. We’ll schedule a first consultation with a quality therapist.


2. Meet with your therapist

Your therapist will ask you about the history of your difficulty with depression, and will work with you to identify your goals. Your therapist will also check in with you to see if this is the right fit for you. Your therapy is the most effective when you sense your therapist is the “right fit” for you.


3. Work through depression

Just like a physical therapist who works through an injury through practice and care, your therapist will help you not only understand, but learn new ways of managing the feelings you carry. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, you’ll learn to move through difficult feelings and learn from them. This moves you toward what your mind is meant to do – not suppress or fixate on emotions, but care for and move through them in a good way.

I want to encourage you – help is not far away. Send me an email and let’s set up an initial consultation to move you forward. In the consultation, we’ll talk about:


  • where you are in your life right now

  • what you’re needing

  • how I can help


This is a time for you to get a clear sense of how we work and whether we’re a good fit for you. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Each of our Psychological Assistants are well trained to help you get back on track in your life. They receive direct supervision from Connor McClenahan, and practice in our Downtown Los Angeles office.

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