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Connor McClenahan, Psy.D

Licensed Clinical Psychologist, PSY30369

Anxiety can affect all areas of our lives. We don’t feel like ourselves, we have difficulty focusing, we feel scattered and out-of-sorts. It can feel controlling, suffocating, and unbearable. When we can’t control our anxiety,

  • We exhaust ourselves
  • We can’t slow down
  • We sleep poorly
  • We Self-medicate


You can learn a different way. You can overcome the obstacles that keep you stuck in anxiety, and regulate your emotions even in difficult situations. Learn to take a breath in, to rest. Learn to feel at peace with yourself even in hard times.

That’s what I offer: a chance to develop a new way of managing your difficult emotions so that you are empowered to handle the obstacles before you.

I provide counseling for anxiety in Downtown Los Angeles. It’s my goal that by the end of our first session, you feel clear and confident about the work ahead. In our sessions together, we’ll explore the role anxiety has played in your life, and learn new ways of regulating your anxiety so you can feel peace when difficult situations arise. That’s the journey I’d like to help you with.

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Many people struggle with anxiety. They feel burdened, trapped, or overwhelmed by life’s demands. They may have some understanding that their anxiety is connected to childhood trauma. I can help you achieve a more present and whole life.



Behind the arguing, anger, or distance is a longing for understanding. Couples counseling can be a powerful way to bring life into one of our most important relationships. I can help you achieve life-giving connection with those you care for most.



People who experience depression often feel isolated, disconnected, or numb. They feel alone, even with others, and cary a deep sense of shame. I can help you experience a more connected and vibrant life.


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Each of our Psychological Assistants are well trained to help you get back on track in your life. They receive direct supervision from Connor McClenahan, and practice our office in downtown Los Angeles.

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