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The emails keep coming in. The demands are piling up, and it feels impossible to focus. You can’t sleep at night because your mind replays all your worries over and over. You want to stop and take a breath in, but as soon as you do you feel this pang of guilt, like you’re not doing enough.


You want to make clear decisions, use your time intentionally, and make space for what you love. You wish you could focus attention on things you care about. You want to enjoy close relationships without worrying about work, and set boundaries so you can actually enjoy time off.


That’s why we’re here. We help high-performing professionals move from exhaustion and lack of focus to making purposeful and clear decisions. We empower people to move from disconnection to intimacy in their closest relationships. In our counseling sessions, we’ll walk step-by-step past the obstacles that block your way, and learn new ways of experiencing yourself so you can own your life again.


Schedule an initial appointment with me or one of our Psychological Assistants. We look forward to taking that first step with you.


Connor McClenahan, Psy.D

Licensed Clinical Psychologist, PSY30369




Work, relationships, and daily pressures of life can feel like an overwhelming burden, a never-ending to-do list. We help people with panic and anxiety regain control and centeredness in their lives again. Learn more about counseling for anxiety in downtown Los Angeles.

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Behind the arguing, anger, or distance is a longing for understanding. We help you work through issues in your most important relationships. We can help you achieve life-giving connection with those you care for most.

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We help people who struggle to get up in the morning experience purpose and joy again. Learn more about counseling for depression in downtown Los Angeles

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Each of our clinicians are well trained to help you get back on track in your life. We provide counseling for anxiety, depression, and couples in Downtown Los Angeles.


Crystal Clements, PhD

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Eric An, PhD

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