Couples Therapy: 3 reasons you’d say no.

Schedule a Call with Connor   Couples Therapy triggers anxiety.  You get stuck on a familiar subject and know you need help. But you feel a tinge of anxiety and don't reach out for couples therapy. Here's the complaints I often hear from couples: "We keep arguing about the same thing" ...

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therapy for anxiety in dtla

You don’t go to therapy

“Do you go to therapy?” I hear this question often, but this week it hit me in a new way. I want to explore  what you might not know about therapy, and what you can do about it.     THERAPY MIGHT NOT DO WHAT YOU THINK IT...

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How to take the first courageous step toward growth

Before the first step is on the ground, before we begin to grow, an entire mental journey is underway. A runner has decided it’s time to tackle his first marathon. It’s been a year since he’s done anything active, but something about the recent...

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