panic attacks

Why Panic Attacks Happen and What You Can Do

Your heart is racing, pressure is building, your chest is in a vice, and you don't know what to do to calm down. Panic attacks can be frightening and overwhelming. Many people worry about what's happening to them, and they don't know what to...

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Couples Therapy: 3 reasons you’d say no.

Schedule a Call with Connor   Couples Therapy triggers anxiety.  You get stuck on a familiar subject and know you need help. But you feel a tinge of anxiety and don't reach out for couples therapy. Here's the complaints I often hear from couples: "We keep arguing about the same thing" ...

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therapy for anxiety in dtla

You don’t go to therapy

“Do you go to therapy?” I hear this question often, but this week it hit me in a new way. I want to explore  what you might not know about therapy, and what you can do about it.     THERAPY MIGHT NOT DO WHAT YOU THINK IT...

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