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Connor McClenahan, Psy.D

You can enjoy life again. You can learn to understand and overcome difficult emotions. All you need is guidance. I’m a psychologist in downtown Los Angeles, and I help professionals, couples, and creatives overcome anxiety so they can experience peace and connection. If you want help overcoming anxiety, depression, or trauma, the first step is to meet together to see if I might be the right fit for you. Click “Schedule a call” to get started.

What kind of training do you have?

I hold a doctorate in psychology (Psy.D) from Fuller School of Psychology in Pasadena. I also received my BA and MA in psychology from Point Loma Nazarene University and Fuller School of Psychology, respectively. I’m a licensed clinical psychologist in California (PSY30369).

Do you have experience with my issue?

I see many kinds of people, both individuals and couples, each with a unique story. I often work with anxious professionals who are healing from childhood trauma. I also work with clients who have experienced relational conflicts, anxiety, depression, trauma, personality disorders, etc..

However the truth is, I don’t have any experience with your issue. I fully appreciate that you are much more than your symptoms, and that your story is unique to you. I trust that as we meet together we will grow to understand your experiences in new ways, leading to a more present, connected, and whole life.

What does a typical first session look like?

The first session is a chance to get a feel for how we might work together. I usually open by asking, “what brings you in today?” and close by inviting any questions about myself. I believe it’s important to have a good fit with your therapist, and I hope we get a sense about this as we meet and talk together.

How much do you charge per session?

My fee is $250 per session. I am not contracted with any insurance companies, but can offer a superbill for out-of-network PPO coverage, which can be helpful for some clients.

How long will I be in therapy before I see positive change?

This is a great question. You might feel, even now, that you cannot handle one more day without a sense of relief from your problem. Generally, growth and relief happens in two ways. First, there can be a sense of relief in simply reaching out for help. This is not unlike the person with a broken leg, who upon being placed in the ambulance, feels relief, not because his leg is healed, but because of the hope that he is on a journey toward healing.

Second, true growth and healing is takes time. Why? Because often we’re dealing with core issues, traumas, and patterns that have existed for years, if not decades. Finding new ways of relating with and experiencing your world takes work.

To answer the question, after about 3 months of therapy, 1x/week, most of my clients have a much broader and clearer understanding of their core problem. By about 6 months they have begun to interact in their world in new ways. Growth after that will depend upon the nature of the client’s problem and consistency of treatment. However, I have some clients who, after a year of therapy, have experienced fundamental changes in the way they experience and relate to themselves and the world. It’s an amazing process to witness.

I say all this because I want you to know that healing is possible. Yes, there’s work, and yes, people experience relief and change.

Take the first step today.

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