Crystal Clements, PhD

Psychological Assistant

You may be experiencing an aching sense of sadness or fear because deep down inside, you feel that you aren’t good enough. You want to connect with others and engage fully in life but you second guess yourself at every turn. Maybe you learned to be critical of yourself from your parents; or, perhaps you never had space to be yourself because you had to take care of others, which left you feeling lost and unsure of yourself.

If your problems are keeping you from living the life that you want, I can help. In therapy, we can work together to understand your problems so that we can move you toward gaining a sense of peace and wholeness. 


Over the years, I have had the honor of helping hundreds of people gain a sense of peace, wholeness and empowerment. I believe I can help you too. I work with adults, adolescents, couples and families to treat depression, anxiety, grief, trauma, and relational issues. I love what I do and am passionate about helping people feel good about themselves and life.  


If you are tired and frustrated about where you are in life and nothing seems to be working, you don’t have to suffer alone. Life can be overwhelming but therapy can help. To take the first step to a stronger you and give me a call for a free 15 minute consultation.

What kind of training do you have?

I earned a PhD in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Family Studies and MAs in Psychology and Christian Leadership from the Fuller Graduate School of Psychology. I also earned a BA in Communications from the University of Pennsylvania. As part of my training, I completed an APA accredited internship in Health Service Psychology at California State University, Fullerton. I now practice as a Psychological Assistant (PSB94024502) under the supervision of Dr. Connor McClenahan (PSY30369).

What does a typical first session look like?

During the first two sessions, I take time to understand the nature of your problem and develop a plan that will help you reclaim your life. During subsequent sessions, we work closely together to deepen our understanding of your goals and work through challenges that may arise until you are living a meaningful, balanced and connected life.  

How much do you charge per session?

My fee is $150 per session. I offer a few low-fee appointments depending on availability. I am not contracted with any insurance companies, but can offer a superbill for out-of-network PPO coverage, which can be helpful for some clients.

Take the first step today.

Contact Crystal for a free 15-minute consultation.