Matt Russell, PsyD

Psychological Assistant

When life is out of control we look for any way to feel relief. We long for things to calm down, and mostly to feel in control of ourselves again.

Yet too often we feel stressed, burned out, and weighed down by life and relationships. When we first meet, we’ll discuss what brought you and I’ll give you some time to ask any questions you might have about myself or the process of therapy.


Let’s sort out what’s happening in your life so you can feel relief. Give me a call today.

What kind of training do you have?

I earned a PsyD in Clinical Psychology and MA in Psychology from the Fuller Graduate School of Psychology. I now practice as a Psychological Assistant (PSY94022429) under the supervision of Dr. Connor McClenahan (PSY30369).

What does a typical first session look like?

I usually start by asking what brings you in. We’ll get clear about what you’re struggling with in your life, and then I leave space for you to ask me any questions about myself or therapy. I hope you’ll leave the first session with some relief and deeper understanding of what has brought you in.

How much do you charge per session?

My fee is $170 per session. I offer a few low-fee appointments depending on availability. I am not contracted with any insurance companies, but can offer a superbill for out-of-network PPO coverage, which can be helpful for some clients.

Take the first step today.

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