Eric An, PhD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Sometimes nothing seems to alleviate our stress. We tell ourselves to buckle down and push through. But the more we try to control or push away these internal experiences, things seem to worsen.

We find ourselves stuck again feeling more anxious or empty. Our relationships or job no longer feel as meaningful as before.


Though confusing, troubling, and isolating, your emotions communicate an important story. I can help you gain clarity with these experiences, find relief and overcome them. And in this process, you’ll find yourself living a more valued and connected life.


If you’re seeking change, I’m committed to walking with you through the process. Give me a call, and let’s take the first step together today.

What kind of training do you have?

I earned a PhD in Clinical Psychology from Fuller Graduate School of Psychology. I now practice as a Licensed Clinical Psychologist (PSY30037) here in Downtown Los Angeles.

What does a typical first session look like?

During the first two sessions, I take time to understand the nature of your problem and develop a plan that will help you reclaim your life. During subsequent sessions, we work closely together to deepen our understanding of your goals and work through challenges that may arise until you are living a meaningful, balanced and connected life.  

How much do you charge per session?

My fee is $200 per session. I offer a few low-fee appointments depending on availability. I am not contracted with any insurance companies, but can offer a superbill for out-of-network PPO coverage, which can be helpful for some clients.

Take the first step today.

Contact Eric for a free 15-minute consultation.